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Anyone running Nitto 420 tires and pull a boat?

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I got these tires when i moved up to the 22s. The bfgoodwrench i had before were great on the boat ramp, and i never spun once!

Ive had these nittos for a month or so, but it hasnt rained since january :huh: so i haven't been able to test wet traction. The only time i have gotten them wet is in sprinkler runoff or the one time it rained for about 8 seconds. Both times i was sliding everywhere, but that may be due to the oily roads and lack of rain.

I am headed to the lake this weekend, and Im afraid they will not do well on the ramp. Has anyone else used them and can reassure me?:teethmast
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just for anyone that finds this thread in a search. I pulled the boat over 200 miles with no issues, and when i launched and loaded, the tires worked great. didnt even slip.
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