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Anyone seen Ion Alloys' 185 Series Rockstar Knock-Offs?

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They look exactly the same and I've been offered a brand new set of 4 for $549 + 89 shipping.
Still kinda worried that 18x9's will stick out too much for a stock setup. I plan on lifting it soon when I get a little money saved up so should I just slap on a leveling kit to compensate for the 9" wide wheels for the time being? HELP!
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SlikRick said:
I saw those at a local wheel shop awhile back , wasn't very impressed.
care to elaborate? they look exactly the same in the pics.
quoted from Katrina at TomzWheels "Yes they will fit the Titan. They have a +15 mm offset and a 5.59 backspace."

will that backspacing work? i don't know much about wheels so i'm kinda lost when it comes to sizing.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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