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Anyone selling CC OEM Step Rails in Philly or NJ?

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Hi Im looking to buy OEM CC step rails for my 07 SE. If you got them in good condition with all the hardware and are local in Philly or NJ please let me know. thanks
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im still looking for some if anyone is selling locally to south jersey
PM warp09, he isn't local,but begging to sell a nice set for awhile now. I paid about 300 new, so get a fair price with shipping included.
Thanks TitanBlue, where did you get them for $300 new? I cant find them new at that price
My local dealer still gives me 20% off list. I've bought a lot of stuff from her (nice young lady), and deal very politely with her, and I get discount that should have expired after 30 days. Most customers don't get the discount I do. And no, I don't know her outside of buying parts.

What I like about the OEM Steps is they include brackets in the price. Going to Pep Boys and looking at similiar bars (Oblong cross section, etc, Westin), they are $289 and $99 for brackets. So the dealer, even at list, is a better deal. I also like the OEM isn't aftermarket looking, plain gloss black. Of course, then I had to get the Bed Rails because they match so nicely! :)
thanks for the info blue. i guess ill give this thread another week or so then ill be forced to go buy them new at the dealer haha.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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