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Anyone successfully make a seat lift?

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No, I am not talking about the 10 minute seat lift either. It works good for awhile, but I am needing a real seat lift...

Would anyone be interested in building one? Something like these:

We need a good seat lift for T owners!
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The first link looks like a perfect kit, you may have to fab it yourself though.

what did you not like about the "mini lift" of the seats? I just did this with a 27mm floor sliders... cost me $2.50 so I figured it was worth it.
Not that I don't like it, but I need more space. I don't really like the huge incline and that if I go too big, the seats won't latch :(
Are you redoing your system AGIAN?
I'm always changing set ups :) I have the 5 Orphans, and about to add a sixth. If I can make a seat lift though, I will go with something even better lol
Im going to be joining the family of 8"ers. Im going with the Sundown SA-8s.
Im going to stick to #2 of them for now and see where it takes me.

I like that your taking those orphans like that. Give them a good home. Did you ever get a video of those bad boys in action?
Nah, not yet. I need to get a video of them though. My box is vibrating itself from underneath the seat too LOL. Each Orphan is just shy of 20 lbs, and the box is around 55lbs too, so it's moving quite a bit of weight. I'll try and get some video later when I have time.

I have been thinking the same thing about building my own seat lift.
I don't think it would be that hard to make, the hardest is just drilling the holes in the correct spot. I think my brother and I want to start trying to make one for my truck, but we havent had time lately because of our schedules lol
Im halfway there brodeezy

Got the some supplies, and my welder is willing to put in work lol
Going to try square tubing instead of metal cylinders, nce I get back to socal ill let u know
Get back now! LOL

I had another idea too. We could possibly use a channel for our bottom seat brackets. Something along the lines of this:

Speedy Metals - 2" {A} x 1" {B} x 0.125" {C} Channel, A-36 Hot Rolled Steel
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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