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anyone tried big O xt mud tires

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looking at getting this tire found a 33x12.50 r 17 to match my 3 cooper st's because i got these almost brand new 3 of then but dont want to shell out for the 4th brand new one, found this big o on ebay for 190, tread looks similar. coopers are really 32.8 and 12.36 wide and big o's site says the xt's are 33 and 12.50 but i would bet they are a little smaller just as the coopers, any thoughts on the big o xt?
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i've ran these Big O xt's on my work truck and they did pretty dang good! i beat the crap out of my work truck tires and they held up as well as just about anything i've ever had on it... Big O tires seem to be a really decent tire.

good luck


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