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I'm nearing oil change time, the last 2 included a drain and refill of the tranny. I am planning to do 1 more drain and refill to my tranny. I use the amsoil "blue" oe auto trans. fluid, not the sig. series. 2007 LE, no towing, no issues with the tranny. Truck has about 101,000 miles, and all is smooth driving, not hard. anyway read about this Lubegard and everything says this is an excellent additive,with very good benefits. Checking out the charts on it's web, I guess the platinum would be used. Has any used this product? Or,,,why add it if all is good? Maybe should of used amsoil signature instead? I gotten this far with this tranny, just wondering if including this would be a benefit, long term in this last drain and fill of the tranny?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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