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Anyone using a key fob cover/jacket?

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Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on the key fob covers. Ive seen two different ones on ebay, one rubber type kind that slips over the whole thing and another hard plastic kind that goes only on the front. Has anyone used any one of these? One of my fobs is in really bad shape and the bottom slot where the ring goes broke so i have no way of keeping it together with my keys. Trying to get some reviews on any of the covers to decide whether to buy a cover or just buy a new fob.
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I think I would buy a new fob, but if yours gets a lot of use and tends to wear out I would get a cover for it if it is cheaper than the new fob.
I haven't looked at either type, but I would prefer which ever one was less bulky.
Save your money and simply wrap a short piece of black electical tape around it. I did that with mine after half of the piece that holds the keys broke off. At least this way, it will never get moisture in it from the sides
We've got one of the rubber covers from Ebay. It makes it easy to find the fob in a bag or around the house (it's neon orange) but it's rather thick and can make it hard to pull the key out of your pocket if you've got anything else in there (cell phone, etc.). It will NOT hold a broken fob together, which is why I bought it in the first place.
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