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Anyone worry about resale value?

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Yesterday, I test drove both the Ram and Titan. Both great trucks, but I give a slight advantage to the Titan. I plan on buying a pick-up this weekend.

I usually hold onto a car for 1-2 years, so the resale is something I think about. Anyone concerned about the resale value of their 2017 Titan? It's just something I try to factor into it (as much as I can). Overall, trucks seem to hold their value very well, but curious what others think. This will be my first Titan so not sure of the market for them.

Thanks :smile:
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Honestly this is something I worried about when trading in my 15 F150 which held its value extremely well. I can only hope that the Titan holds its value just as well. But at the end of the day, it's all about if you can enjoy driving it and being in it everyday. Just like you I try and trade every 2-3 years but I love the titan and couldn't pass up the deal.

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