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Appearance question....

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From the first time I saw a picture of the new Titan prior to their release, I thought the tires looked too small for the body. I just bought a '17 Pro4X and when looking at it from different angles, I still get that feeling. I searched through some prior threads, but could not find exactly what I want to know. First, anyone else feel this way? Secondly, anyone planning on adding larger tires? I will not be lifting my truck, leaving everything factory, so please respond if you have changed out your tires and wheels to a larger size, but left the rest stock. And what size tires/brand of tires. Thank you.
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I'll take a stab at answering. I thought something didn't look quite right either and I decided it was the tires themselves more than anything. The General tires just look too "car-like" and not aggressive enough. You would think an off road truck would come with something similar to a BFG K02 or something. My Tundra came stock with those and it changes everything.

I just ordered a set of Toyo Open Country AT/2 and a leveling kit. I'm going with LT295/75's on the stock rim. I personally like the look of tall and wide tires with tall side walls as opposed to the mall crawler types with a 22" rim and a 3" sidewall.

Just my .02
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