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Are all leveling kits created equal?

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What's everyone running? Are the lower priced ones as good as the more expensive ones. I've seen prices from 60 bucks and up.

Tried searching but couldnt find nothing.
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doesnt really matter. you cant see the leveling kit anyways. Most if not all, just bolt on top of the strut assembly, so you dont have to take off the coil spring from the shock. I have the PRG one. Its billet aluminum, came with bump stops and grade 8 hardware.
I dont think theres any difference, maybe in just how theyre made, or how they look, but they all act the same way.
I was sold on the bilstein 5100 adjustable ride heights (get' um next week). they have a link to an article on their website that talks about shocks vs. spacers and how they compare and work. I though it was a good read.
No, they're not all the same. There are three types that I'm aware of:

Solid billet aluminum which I would recommend.
This thing, which I would not recommend:

And the Daystar kit which is made of a hard "rubber" compound. Again, I wouldn't recommend it.

NCD and PRG both use solid billet. There are several companies that make that thing pictured, and then there's the Daystar rubber one.
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Thanks for all the replys guys, gonna get a set of billet ones in a couple weeks. Went ahead and ordered a s&b cia last night, so leveling kit will be the next mod after cia is installed.
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