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Are Coilovers Overkill without Aftermarket UCA's?????

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I'm looking at replacing the front struts in another 10,000......Gotta let the wife get comfortable again since I just got new wheels & tires. However, I'm starting to research new struts and shocks. I'd like to go with coilovers cause they look bada$$, but they are pricey.
What I wanted to know is if it's worth it to buy coilovers, if you stay with the OEM UCA's???
Didn't want to spend $1500-$1600 to replace both parts......My truck's not a road queen, it does plenty of off-raod duty at the ranch, but no high speed jumps(YET) like a Raptor would in the Baja.....

Also, if I did go with coilovers and the OEM UCA's, would it still be $800 better than say the OEM length Bilstein 5100 leveling struts with the ProComp bracket extensions? What has been the consensus?

Thanks for your input,
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not over kill at all. Much better ride and as mentioned above they are rebuildable.
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