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Are Coilovers Overkill without Aftermarket UCA's?????

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I'm looking at replacing the front struts in another 10,000......Gotta let the wife get comfortable again since I just got new wheels & tires. However, I'm starting to research new struts and shocks. I'd like to go with coilovers cause they look bada$$, but they are pricey.
What I wanted to know is if it's worth it to buy coilovers, if you stay with the OEM UCA's???
Didn't want to spend $1500-$1600 to replace both parts......My truck's not a road queen, it does plenty of off-raod duty at the ranch, but no high speed jumps(YET) like a Raptor would in the Baja.....

Also, if I did go with coilovers and the OEM UCA's, would it still be $800 better than say the OEM length Bilstein 5100 leveling struts with the ProComp bracket extensions? What has been the consensus?

Thanks for your input,
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You can get stock replacement length Coils that would not change the ride height and would not need an upper arm swap. you could also get extended length coil overs and lose that Spacer from the ProComp kit but over all if you get properly valved Coil overs it will be a a big difference and well worth it So no its not over kill (my Opinion)
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