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Are the rear seats lower in the 08 CC?

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I test fitted my old box in my new Titan today. Guess doesn't fit! It seems the rear seats in my 08 CC are a little lower than the seats in my 04 KC. Is it my imagination? This changes my plans a bit. I'll probably just put in a simple box with a single 10 until I get the bug to build something bigger. Damn the bad luck!

On another issue...does anyone know how much mounting depth the 08's have in the doors?
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The seat lift is a good idea even in a down firing enclosure. If all the weight is on the box it will be getting pushed down into the padding of the carpet giving the subs less room to breathe. The seat lift is a win either way...
I doubt the 08 has less room. Every truck is different. This last 04 I did an install in is about 1/2" lower than the previous truck.
Reguardless of how heavy the subs and box are having 300-400 lbs of human body sitting on the seats will only make things worse...
t22a80 said:
170 Wrms for a comp set isnt too crazy. The amp I have is 270 wrms and I have that powering a set of CDT comps. Do you really need that much power, probably not but it provides extra head room and will help you get the ful potential out of them. Remember its not watts that blows speakers its distortion. Granted you probably dont want to try and hook that amp up to a set of comps that says 50wrms but any of them that say 100wrms is fine.

And distortion isn't always the amplifiers fault... A poor charging system and wiring can also be the culprit...
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