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Are the rear seats lower in the 08 CC?

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I test fitted my old box in my new Titan today. Guess doesn't fit! It seems the rear seats in my 08 CC are a little lower than the seats in my 04 KC. Is it my imagination? This changes my plans a bit. I'll probably just put in a simple box with a single 10 until I get the bug to build something bigger. Damn the bad luck!

On another issue...does anyone know how much mounting depth the 08's have in the doors?
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Thanks for the replys. I'll have to figure something out in time. I really like my old box. I really enjoyed the sound stage with the comps like that. One thing at a time. I've got to be sure to keep my wife happy which usually means not doing this type of stuff.

I've got two amps now (Polk C500.1 and C300.2) and an AudioControl LC8. I need to decide on what speakers to use in the front. The birth sheet for the 300.2 shows 170W X 2 @ 4 ohm (14.4V). I don't want to overload the speakers, so I'm looking at options that can handle that amount of power and have a good, clean, crisp sound. Opinions? Critiques?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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