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Are the rear seats lower in the 08 CC?

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I test fitted my old box in my new Titan today. Guess doesn't fit! It seems the rear seats in my 08 CC are a little lower than the seats in my 04 KC. Is it my imagination? This changes my plans a bit. I'll probably just put in a simple box with a single 10 until I get the bug to build something bigger. Damn the bad luck!

On another issue...does anyone know how much mounting depth the 08's have in the doors?
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I wonder how much room the 08 KC has then...

Never understood that seat lift, why not just build the box taller and have the seats rest of that. I guess if you had upfire it would made sense though.
P-Dizzle said:
The seat lift is a good idea even in a down firing enclosure. If all the weight is on the box it will be getting pushed down into the padding of the carpet giving the subs less room to breathe. The seat lift is a win either way...
Unfortunately the weight of my box and woofers does this anyways...But if I can't latch my seats my enclosure will go flying around when I offroad.
P-Dizzle said:
Reguardless of how heavy the subs and box are having 300-400 lbs of human body sitting on the seats will only make things worse...
Mine have already sunk into the carpet about 1 full inch which poofs the carpet in the middle up almost 2 inches from just the weight of the box, I had to put them up on MDF blocks :( Going to fix it someday though :p
I'm your really concerned you can just set the gain with a DMM, JL has a decent tutorial on how to do this. You could have a 500x2 amp and only use 100x2 if you wanted to by properly setting the gain.
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