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Are these dealer only bolts?

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What's up guys my tailgate doesn't close completely flush and by the looks of it, it seems like the striker bolts where the tailgate latch to are a little crooked/bent. Where can I get new replacements? Are they dealer only? Or would any auto parts store carry them?

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You can get them at the dealer.

You can get them online.

You can get them at an auto parts store.
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We don't have advanced auto here I have auto zone and they said that's dealer only, but going through your link looks like advanced auto is also carquest here and they carry them. Thanks

Now it would be pretty hard to warp the holes where those bolts go right? As in like screw in new ones and it's still crooked
Yes that would be hard. It is a tapped hole... If the hole was elongated, the latch would not stay in the hole. It would wobble.
Unless the sheet metal that the stryker is bolted to is warped, then you will not be fixing anything. If the sheet metal is bent, then you need to fix the sheet metal, not the stryker.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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