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rkawski said:
Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I've been testing a set of Ceramic pads for the Titan. Per the vendor I had my rotors cut prior to installing and bedding the new pads. The vendor believes that the "warped" feeling is not due to the rotors actually warping but to poor pad material transfer to the rotors.

I've got about 1000 miles on the Ceramic pads now. Which includes 600 miles of towing a roughly 6800lb load. I have to say that I beleive that these will be the best bang for the buck brake mod you will be able to do!

On my tow trip a fool decided to brake check me on the 401 in Canada. This was not a smart move as I had 12,000lbs coming towards his bumper. The truck stopped very good prior to the trailer brakes ramping up to their full output. Also at one point I forgot to turn my brake controller on and the truck stopped 12,000lbs pretty damn good on just it's own brakes!

Since returning from that trip and driving the truck without trailer in tow I have to say the following about them.

1.) The dust *WAY* less then the stock pads
2.) They don't fade like the stock pads

I'm working with the vendor and Mossy Performance to get them put into production in the next few weeks. Keep watching on for details on them.

Where to look - now or future - ?
Forums, certain issue, etc.?

Continuing experience same as initital?

Thanks for info.
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