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ARE Z Series topper wiring problem

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I purchased a ARE Z series topper a week ago for my 2004 Titan. The Z series has an interior light, high mounted brake light and keyless lock that works off the truck locks.

Since this came off a 2004 Titan also and I copied the wiring wire for wire. Now nothing works for the topper. Contacted ARE (they are helpful) sent me the wiring diagram for the Titan and still doesn't work. If anyone has done this before I would appreciate to know the wires that you used to hook this up.

Thank you...
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I just had mine in for work today. Before I had the OEM hitch installed I could always turn on the interior lights without a problem. Once the OEM hitch and relays were installed the interior lights on the ARE would only come on when the trucks lights were on. I don't have the auto lock, but might upgrade as mine is already getting a little tight and hard to turn after 9 months. Plus its a pain when its raining to get the keys out to unlock it.
If nothing works on the topper, check the ground wire.

If you are still having problems, I installed a Z-series with the electric locks on my '06 KC and can send any info on exactly what wires are connectred where. Let me know if you still need info.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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