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Armada or Titan for towing?

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Hello all,

been browsing for a while in your boards learning about the awesome Titan!
I went to my local dealer to see it and I was so impressed with it! Especially the rear leg room on the crew cab in simply amazing! I'm 6.1 and I was sitting comfortable in the drivers seat and then I moved to the rear without adjusting the driver seat. I had room galore!!! I never had a car where one could sit comfortably behind me!!!
At any rate, I need to get either the Titan or the Armada. The Armada is a very attractive proposition as it is an SUV really that can also tow my race car which is one of the main reasons for me looking at the truck.
Reading the boards however people say that the Armada has independant rear suspension and that is a nono for towing? :dunno:
Would the Titan be better for towing??? If so then this will be my ticket as I plan to tow some 1000+ miles one way a few times next year... Finally is there any cover on the market for the flat bed to lock your belongings?

Thanks in advance! :smileysqu
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With the Armada, legenth of the trailer would be your biggest concern. The SE or LE with ride leveling would be great....

Titan Crew would be okay with a trailer up to say 25-27 feet.

But you must get the Big Tow!
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