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Armada or Titan for towing?

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Hello all,

been browsing for a while in your boards learning about the awesome Titan!
I went to my local dealer to see it and I was so impressed with it! Especially the rear leg room on the crew cab in simply amazing! I'm 6.1 and I was sitting comfortable in the drivers seat and then I moved to the rear without adjusting the driver seat. I had room galore!!! I never had a car where one could sit comfortably behind me!!!
At any rate, I need to get either the Titan or the Armada. The Armada is a very attractive proposition as it is an SUV really that can also tow my race car which is one of the main reasons for me looking at the truck.
Reading the boards however people say that the Armada has independant rear suspension and that is a nono for towing? :dunno:
Would the Titan be better for towing??? If so then this will be my ticket as I plan to tow some 1000+ miles one way a few times next year... Finally is there any cover on the market for the flat bed to lock your belongings?

Thanks in advance! :smileysqu
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CaliforniaTitan said:

How much wieght are you talking with the car and all supplies for a weekend loaded on and what kind of trailer (Goose or standard).

The Independent suspension is less favorable than the solid rear in tricky traction situations.

Trailer is 2960lbs, car is 2900lbs, 2 sets of tires 200lbs, tools, cleaning stuff, oil etc another 200lbs so about 7500lbs in total. With me and my stuff another 300... So what a total of 8000lbs give or take a few pounds... Ahh and its standard tow hitch...
Thank you for your advise!
outahere said:
Do a search of this site and you will find mention of several tonneau cover manufacturers with products for the Titan. Versacover, Gaylords, and A.R.E. are some of the names I can recall off the top of my head.
Thank you, I have read most of the posts in this forum believe it or not I have seen several names with the soft cover, i was looking for a Hard one with a lock for overnight safety,,,

Chris thank you VERY much for taking the time to respond. Since you ar in Cali , one of my biggest fears for my future tows is the "Grants Pass". I have not bought the trailer yet, I had one in mind with the specs I wrote mainly because its "cheaper" than a trailex which is 2000 pounds... Maybe a trailex would be the ticket since it is going to bring the totals down to 7000 including me so the Titan would pull easier. Many of my friends tell me I have to go American diesel but I cannot see myself driving such a truck everyday as the Titan will also be my daily driver. I guess you have to like what you drive every day and I really LOVE the Titan/Armada interior...
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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