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Armada Question

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Just got pre-approved for $50k to purchase the wife a new 08 Armada. We have found a loaded SE that she really likes, but she has also found a Majestic Blue LE with the almond interior, that just makes her wet. Unfortunately, we have three kids, and the Majestic Blue Armada, has the captain's chairs in the 2nd row which really screws things up from a logistics stand point (The kids are all toddlers)!

My question is this, can you remove the center console between the captain's chairs and replace it with a middle seat in the 2nd row, or are we sh*t out of luck, and gonna have to do a dealer search for a blue one or purchase the red Armada instead. The wife likes the heated seats and wood grain interior. I like the 20 inch Michelin tires and wheels that come on the LE. Other than that, I could personally care a less.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

Thanks In Advance!
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You can. The dealer can order the center seat (I think it's just 4 bolts if I remember right) and remove the 2d row console. I seem to remember something about armrests too...not sure if you have to remove them to put in the center seat or not. If you check the ClubArmada site, there are occasionally people looking to trade one for the other or you might try to negotiate it into the deal. It shouldn't be that hard for the dealer to take care of for you.

I have an '06 Majestic Blue LE with sand interior. It's a great color combo. Enjoy!
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