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At what point do I need to upgrade?

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So I'm planning out my mods over the next few months, and have been looking in to upgrading all of my lights, adding some bars/pods and getting an OBA setup. Along with this new demand on the electrical system, I was considering a few other things. Namely: A grounding kit, a higher output alternator, and a new battery.

Basically my question is, at what point do I actually need to upgrade these things? And how stable will the stock system be powering these things? I've never been much of an electrical guru, so any help would be appreciated.

For a more accurate breakdown, worst case, the accessories I'm eventually looking at are:
50 inch bar
30 inch bar
4-8 pods between front and rear (possibly sides)
9,500lb winch
Undecided VIAIR OBA system

The charging system upgrades I was eyeing are:
Mean Green 200amp alternator
Optima Yellow Top
Active Tuning or Stillen grounding kit

Considering that, what do you guys think? Any necessities I'm missing? Any suggestions? Or are the upgrades just overkill altogether for the accessories I'm looking at running?

Thanks all!
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You should be fine with just the battery as long as you're not powering everything for long periods of time.
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