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ATP warning light and buzzer...

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hey guys i was towing a buddy out of the sand and got a little burried myself and started hearing a buzzing noise and looked and the light said ATP on the dash... i shut off my truck and restarted it and it stopped but then when i went to put it in 4 lo again it did the same thing. What is it???
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My truck did that when the transfer case control module went bad. It also didn't show the wheel diagram thingy when in 4lo. Dealer replaced the module under warranty and problem went away.
hmm thats not good, mines not under warrenty anymore...
it wouldn't go into 4lo when i tried yesterday... 4 hi still worked and all 4 wheels on the light came on. I'm gonna be gone for a week so i'll try 4 lo agian then
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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