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Before I post these on the stereo forums I thought my Titan brothers (and sisters) should get the first chance.

I have 2 lightly used audison amplifiers for sale. They are the LRX6.9 and LRX2.4 These are from the new series of Audison amps that aren't even on the website yet.

These amps retail for over 2k new. And I am selling them for much much cheaper than you can even get from an online dealer.

Here are the specs for the 6.9

And here for the 2.4 sorry for the dutch.. or whatever language that is website.. I can't find them on any US site.

Anyway I need $650 shipped for the 6.9 and $250 shipped for the 2.4, The price is going to be firm unless you buy both.

I can get pics but I will be busy this weekend so earliest I can get them is monday.
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