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Autoanything and bushwacker flares?

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Bushwacker 70014-02 at AutoAnything

I'm looking into the pocket flares, and I stumbled in to this. 209 shipped sounds kind of fishy to me...

Anybody dealt with them before?
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when i was looking for the pocket flares i noticed that you can get all 4 for $400-$500 or the front 2 for $200-250 and the back 2 for $200-250. This could be just for 2 flares front or rear.
That's whats confusing me lol. Seems too good to be true, probably is... Arg.
It's just for the rears. Added it to my cart, and it said the rear set. They should really add that to the description.
Gah, I was pumped to get a set too... Oh well, plenty of other things to buy :D
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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