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AutoWeek Mag wants your opinion!!

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I just received the 2/2/04 issue of Autoweek and I see that:

We seek comments from the owners of ... Nissan Titan...
We need to know when you bought it, what you paid, your opinions and other vehicles you considered. Include your mailing address, phone number and vehicle identification number (VIN).

Mail responses to:

1155 Gratiot Ave
Detroit, MI 48207

Email responses to:

[email protected]

Use the buyers guide link online at or fax your response to 313-446-1027"
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I will not in any way give both my vin and address to anyone. Gee, lets mail the keys to them at the same time. You can order keys that way then just walk up and no more truck!

Feel free if you want to, but paint me paranoid!
Include your address, phone and vin #???????? So they can make a key copy off the vin# and come to the address... Sound fishy.
Give out you VIN, address, and phone!!! Very bad idea. People know more about me than I want to them to now. Why advertise it. Just give them your opinion, you know how all of us on this forum like to do that, ha ha, but that is it!!
A little paranoid??

If a MAJOR national magazine is stupid enough to abuse your info and steal your car just think of the money you could get in a suit. I think you are a bit paranoid. I have insurance, I have LoJack..

I thought that this was a good avenue to get your opinion out to the public. I have no issue giving them my info. I guess that you are not familiar with AutoWeek..

I don't like the idea either but I think they try to prevent people who don't even own the car giving biased opinion for their own interest. Actually I don't mind giving the info as long as they don't put my real name on the mag which I know they do (I am subscribed to AW).
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