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I'll throw this out there and hope I won't get flamed too bad. :)

In my experience, the BDGT tune made more of a difference on my truck than UpRev. I know most people will disagree with me and call me crazy, but it's the truth. Maybe my truck is just weird? :confused:

With UpRev, the only difference I felt was being able to go WOT from 0mph. Yeah, that's nice at the track. However, who drives WOT all the time on the street? And unless you have truetrac, what good is a one wheel peel from going WOT from a stop?

My issue with UpRev was that it felt like I still had a throttle restriction at part throttle. Richard at UpRev told me this was normal.

The BDGT overcame this feeling by offering increased throttle sensitivity. As far as I know, UpRev doesn't do this.

I also like the fact that I don't need to drag out my laptop or carry it around with me to monitor parameters using the BDGT.

So in summary, I think that for a stock vehicle, the BDGT tune is more fun. For mods, UpRev will give you the most power and keep your engine safe.
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