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AVIC D3 Install

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Hey guys, after reading a few posts on different installs I just completed my install of the Pioneer AVIC D3, it was relatively simple. I used the metra dash kit , which worked out pretty well. I still need to put the trim ring around the radio to complete the nice clean look.

I also installed Tview 9" headrest monitors, I wasn't to sure how the video would look, but it turned out pretty good. I did hook up the speed sensor wire which is white/red, I talked with someone from circuit city and he helped me locate it.

I know this install isnt near as detailed as some that I have read, but if you have any questions let me know and will do my best to answer them.


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Just curious to know why there are two extra holes to the rightside of the dash kit? If that kit is supossed to be for climate control w/ lcd screen why does it not look like a factory style dash kit?
I ask this because I have been thinking of the D3 for my titan but am kind of clueless about car audio in the titan.
monstertitan said:
Not sure what the function of the other holes are, but yes the kit is for the 06 model with climate controls.

The one thing that threw me for a loop, was the amp turn on wire, (blue/white) I didnt have this hooked up and I had no speaker output, after remembering that the titan had an amp on the speakers I hooked it up and speakers were working. So remember that.

Do you have the fosgate system? How is the sound quality of the D3, did it make it any better or worse? In the past when I'v went to aftermarket HU's it seems like the HU's over powered the speakers. I just don't want that to happen again. Thanks for any input. :cheers:
Sammy Sandbag said:
The extra two holes are for the Armada climate control.
Is there a dash kit without the Armada climate controls? I thought I'v seen them without the cut outs. :dunno:
monstertitan said:
Yes I have the fosgate system, it is definitely louder now. As you play with the sound settings its sounds better. Probably wouldnt hurt to get new aftermarket speakers, but i really dont listen to it as loud as I use to.

Sounds good, there is always room for improvement with the OEM sound quality. I just have to get used to the dash kits that are out for the double din w/ lcd climate control display, I'm not realy feeling the two extra holes to the right of the kit(even though it has the holes filled in). Is there another style kit out there someplace?
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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