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awww! come on!

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Whats kickin all? Long time no see.

Today I managed to light up the rear tires on my 2006 Titan SE 4x2 with the traction package, limited slip I believe, during a standing peel out.

Now here is my question... how come i left one measily tyre mark? I want two of them bad boy marks behind me! haha. :thedevil: so... does the Titan have a 1.5 way slip or something? I am pretty sure she is not a 2 way because i would have two tyre marks instead of one. and not a 1.0 way because it would be MUCH harder to keep her under control when things go sideways.

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Yep, open difs suck pretty much. I want a true-trac also, but uprev is coming first! Then, after that, I'm sure I'll have a BIG reason for it!!
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