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awww! come on!

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Whats kickin all? Long time no see.

Today I managed to light up the rear tires on my 2006 Titan SE 4x2 with the traction package, limited slip I believe, during a standing peel out.

Now here is my question... how come i left one measily tyre mark? I want two of them bad boy marks behind me! haha. :thedevil: so... does the Titan have a 1.5 way slip or something? I am pretty sure she is not a 2 way because i would have two tyre marks instead of one. and not a 1.0 way because it would be MUCH harder to keep her under control when things go sideways.

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That's just ABLS and some tow hooks, neither of which are going to help you lay down two tire smoky burn-outs. The Titan has an open differential (except OR models with the e-locker.)
c1971tra said:
hmmm... then why do i leave two channels in mud? do open diffs do that? :confused:

Ummm, as in your tires leave two marks in the mud? Well despite an open-diff's shortcomings, it still doesn't make one tire levitate above the driving surface.

With an open differential torque is delivered along the path of least resistance. If both tires have equal amounts of traction, then both with rotate at the same speed. So theoretically, even an open diff can do two-wheel burnouts. But the likelihood of that is next to none. In mud you get constantly changing levels of traction between the two tires, so often times both will spin. Try starting from a standstill with on tire on wet grass and the other on pavement, you'll really see the effects of an open-differential.
ABLS just uses the ABS system to brake the tire losing traction, sending power to the other. It's not a true LSD, but has the same intent.
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