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AZ Speedworld sand drags?

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Has anyone gone out there on a Saturday night? I went for the first time last night after my brother has been bugging me to go out for the past 8 months. I did pretty good. Only lost to a new black Duramax that sounded like a jet taking off and I stayed on his back bumper the whole way. He already had his boost built up so got me right off the line and we stayed like that the whole way pretty much. Oh also lost to some dirt bikes but it was surprisingly close. I ran about 15 times and beat a bunch of trucks. 6.4 powerstroke, new duramax, couple newer rcsb chevy's, new hemi ram, fords obviously, but the highlight of the night was beating a twin turbo hemi 2500 mega cab twice. He stayed right on my *** so my brother found him later the night after I left and asked him what he had done. He had a twin turbo set up pushing 500+ at 7psi (have a pic of his turbos to prove it) at the wheels apparently which moved that big truck pretty damn well. It was a good time and I kept getting asked "what the hell do you have done to that thing it's fast as hell?" I felt pretty good about the night. I'd really like to get 4.10 gears and a locker in the back and I think the race with that duramax would be pretty even. I'll get some videos next time.
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