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B&B Exhaust System for 2008 Titan

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Where can I buy the B&B Exhaust System for my brand new 2008 Titan LE 5.6 Crew Cab? I was looking on the net and here in Tampa Florida with not much luck. I found some for 04 and 05 but none for 2008.
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they may not be available after if they are a mufler back system. check their website for more info
I've got a B & B for my 04, but I saw the NISMO true duals in the Performance Section that I really like as well. I was bought on E-bay without any mention of what the cost was for 2 1/4 inch pipes with dual mufflers. Check it out, I don't know if it is stainless steel, like the B & B that is 3" with one muffler (two in and one out). I recommend searching via the Internet for the best price that includes free shipping.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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