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B-Pipe Question

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I have an 05' 2wd with cracked manifolds. Soon, I'll be replacing the manifolds with headers.

As I understand it, I only have one set of cats which are attached to the manifolds. So when I bolt the headers in, I won't have any cats.

For noise reduction purposes, can I buy a set of b-pipes from a 4x4 and bolt them in? Then, connect my 02 sensor plugs to the b-pipe cats? Wouldn't that accomplish the same thing as buying aftermarket b-pipes? :confused:

Yeah, they are not high flow, but I'm on a budget. :D

Or, should I just stick with the resonators in my stock b-pipes? Will they accomplish as much in noise reduction as cats would?
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Stock B-pipes have the Sensor Bungs in front of the Cat. Aftermarket B-pipes move the Sensor Bungs after the Cat, which is like moving your Primary cat rearward into the B-pipes. I don't know how much the noise is reduced by the stock resonated B-pipes. But, I know the stock '10 4x4 B-pipes reduce a lot of noise. When I switched mine out for the Walker's, my exhaust got so loud you could feel it. I sounded probably twice as loud.
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