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back up sensor

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Put my truck in reverse today and the back up sensor started sounding steadily like it does when you are about to hit something. There was nothing behind me. I can't get it to stop. It happens every time i put it in reverse. I tried cleaning the sensors in the rear bumper but it did not help. Any suggestions before I go to the dealer.
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was your tailgate down? Mine does that when its down
no my tailgate was not down but when it is the alarm makes a beeping noise, this is not a beeping noise it is a steady alarm like it does when you are susposed to stop.
Mine does the same thing. I've been back to the dealer twice. The first time they reset the sonar system and it worked correctly for a day, but it started malfunctioning again within 24 hrs. Last time they replaced a sensor. Once again, it worked for 24 hrs and then started beeping when nothing is behind me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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