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Backup camera power

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So I have installed the camera and ran the Video feed and Reverse switch wires to H.U..And now I am wondering where you guys pulled your Power for the Camera from. I can find a ground anywhere, but the power is what's stumping me.. i'd rather not run another wire all the way up to Cab. Hoping I dont need to otherwise I could've ran with Video feed!!
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I used this
and ran the cable all the way back to the head unit. I took 12V from a two/one fuse tap, and put it on the audio (accessories) position in the fuse box. I used a 7.5 amp fuse for this circuit. I ran it to a rocker switch, and the output goes two places, i.e. back to the camera, and also to the radio so it knows the camera is on.
Be careful with this cable. Though it is nice, and long enough to come through the rear cab grommet, it is a very small gauge wire, carrying both video and power wires. I broke it the first time, and had to buy another. Protect it with armor, plenty of tie downs, and good routing.
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