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2013 4X4 SV with 138k miles. Radflow coilovers lift it 2-3".

It makes a horrible pop when backing out of a parking spot with the wheel turned most of the way. Sounds like near the passenger side front wheel. I think I have it narrowed down to a bad sway bar end link or bushing by using my chassis ear. I'll keep fiddling with it over the next few days to rule some other things out. But does that sound like a symptom you Titan people have had or do you think it's something else in that area?

I'm just relieved to know that the front diff does not pick up the pop through the vibration sensor I clamped on it. I've been waiting for my diff to rip into pieces like somebody else posted on here with their lifted Titan for over a year now haha. I guess his axle was a hair too short and the flex ripped the differential in half pulling into his driveway. So glad it's not that!

I'll post updates as I move the 5 channels around and keep listening on the headphones as I daily drive. The chassis ear is great its saved me so much grief going to a mechanic over mystery noises like this over the years. I could never get it to do it for a mechanic and even if he does hear it, he's probably just guessing anyway.

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