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Bad Saturday

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Saturday afternoon coming home from work, the roads were wet and from what i can remember, The truck hydroplaned, the rear slid out from under me and the result wasn't good. :crying: :crying:


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That sucks bro! At least you ok ..
daaaaaaaaaaaamn that looks like it hurt. But since you are here typing this, then it could have been worse. Looks like your truck did its job of protecting you. Hate to see a T down, but you are still with us.

any other pics?
I have a few more pictures, and the T did a very good job of protecting me, i got a few cuts an scrapes and a really bad concussion but otherwise im ok.


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WOW! sorry to see that! Good thing you came out OK. But did the Titan roll? What did you hit? Let us know if ur gonna get a new T now :)
I was told it ended up on the drivers side, And i've thought about another T. But the fuel mileage is the only thing making me think about it..
Damn, glad you're ok, that's some serious damage.
:( Yes, it just saddens me everytime i look at the pictures of it. It hit a pole and a tree, both were fine..
Damnnnnnnnn dude! Glad you're ok that's some serioussss damage!
WOW, that truck damn near split in two....... glad your OK bro. It's just metal and can be replaced.
Thanks for the concern everyone, it means alot.
WOW! Glad you walked away from that, man! Looking at that and knowing you were OK, I think I would go for another T as a replacement and not worry so much about the gas mileage. I would much rather pay a few extra dollars every time I fill up, knowing if something happens that my T will protect me. I think if you had been in something else, you may not have been able to walk away....just a thought to ponder....stick with what you know works......
dang...part out? jk jk
glad you are ok
Ouch, sorry for the loss of the T, glad you are ok.
damn! the good news is you're ok. looking at the truck I'd say you're quite lucky and our trucks kick ***!
Ouch... Glad you're OK... looks like the T did it's job and protected you!

I'll be the first vulture to ask... "Can I get the 07 TB and IM off of that???" ;) Everyone else is thinking to ask, I'll be the first...
:( ouch.. good to see your ok though.. thats some serious damage
Wow dude! That's crazy. Glad you're OK man! Everyone go hug their T.
WOW :eek2:
A truck can be replaced, you're life can't. Glad to see you are doing well.
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