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Banging coil bucket issue gone!!!!!!!!!!!

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A while ago, I installed PRG's 2" mini lift on my Titan. A couple of weeks following that install, I started getting banging noises like the upper control arm was comming in contact with the coil bucket. This only happens when making a sharp right or left turn where the wheel that droops is causing the a-arm and coil bucket to come in contact. On a straight away in the city or highway, it never made any noises. Now at a complete stop and me launching it kinda hard, I can hear the bang and hitting pot holes too. This to me is very strange. I couldn't figure it out. I know I installed it correct and have no doubts that it was installed wrong. I've done many many suspension installs in the past (was a mechanic for a while) and never experienced anything like this. I looked at the coil bucket and saw the contact marks from the upper control arm, so I went ahead and grinded the coil bucket down. Two days later, it's still hitting but not as bad. So frustrated at this time.

Anyways, yesterday was oil changing time so I changed my oil and remember a thread that someone wrote about having similar issues like me. I remember he said something about retightening the lower bolt that holds the bottom of the front struts and his banging went away. Well I tried that. Took out my impact wrench, turned it to midway and I let both bolts have it. I didn't drive my truck, I just parked it. Later that evening, I was troubleshooting my banging issues with Greg(PRG). Greg said there shouldn't be any contacts with this kit and doesn't understand why this is happening. So at the end of our conversation, Greg was able to order me a nice set of Camburg arms.

Today, I come to work, first time driving my Titan after the oil change and lower strut bolt tightening. First thing I noticed right away when making a hard and sharp right turn, NO BANGING! Then made another hard left turn, NO BANGING! Then made a WOT launch from a complete stop and guess what, NO BANGING! WOW, I can't believe it! All this because the lower bolt that holds both struts was not that tight. It was tight, just not that tight. Well, I guess I am going to save the Camburg for when I upgrade to SAW's or something. Either way, this took care of my coil bucket and upper control arm contact and I wanted to share with yall. Hopefully this will help someone else that is having banging problems after a leveling kit or mini lift install. It's not the kit, it's the strut bolt not tight enough.
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The lower shock tabs have more then big enough holes, so this has been an issue. I jack the lower arm up a bit before hitting the lower bolt...hard!
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