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Banks Exaust seems to be the most popular.

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I'm a newbie but have been visiting and reading tons of threads these past weeks since my purchase. I have all these ideas and everybody has their own opinion, I spend hours reading about this stuff, I'm addicted now. I love this community the helpfullness that fellow Titan afficionados provide to each other is great.

Anyways, the reason for my post is that most people seem to go with the Banks exaust for it sound, price, and power gains. I've been browsing the internet but can't find a Banks catback for the Titan. I want the look of a catback exaust but I want it to be Banks. I know other companys like Borla, Flowmaster and Magnaflow make catback kits but not the banks.

I've read several threads stating that they have two mufflers (one in and one out) or they got (one in and two out). And then all this talk about Y pipes and X pipes.

I'm not car savvy much so I would like to get some ideas on a banks catback custom exaust kit. What do you guys think would work best.
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I am sure there are better deals, but Banks does make a kit for the Titan. This is the first link I saw. Best of luck and welcome to TT:cheers:
Thanks Blavis. I guess u gotta read the fine print. I was looking at the picture for the exaust system and only see on exaust tip. Its probably a generic picture for all their exaust.

Do you thinks it would be better to buy two banks monter mufflers and go to a muffler shop for a custom exaust? Would this give me better sound or more performance than just the one muffler?
Take a look in the performance section, there are many threads with information on cat bak exhaust systems. Banks is a good one, but there are others out there also.
I got the Banks on my '06 No Fear Titan. Only two months after owning it, I got pulled over for speeding. Cop was so jealous he cited me for a loud exhaust too.

Seriously... this thing can wake the dead.
Others that are better IMO. Banks has low end power loss with their 3" Y pipe design but DO sound awesome. It all depends on what you want. I tow a 8000lb camper, so I couldn't/can't afford any power loss, especially low end torque loss that Banks has. Gibson has one, JBA seems to have a lot of popularity and some real good gains in power. And Nismo has just released theirs but it is real pricey. Volant has one also and I heard it works especially well when coupled with their intake.
I'm gonna have to look into the NISMOS or JBAs next before I decide.

Before I bought my Titan two weeks ago, I already had my mind on getting flowmaster 40 series catback like by brother got on his 04 5.3 silverado cause they sound great. Here at TT their isn't much love for the flowmaster so now my mind is boggled on what to choose. Borla makes their system but there are very few threads on the gains and sounds.

I wanna get the best sound & performance...... I'm not sure which way to go maybe i'll just flip a coin.
There is a difference between the systems, so take your time and make an educated choice
I am also thinking of doing something with the stock exhaust. My first choice might be to just switch stock muffler for a Mana Flow 18" or 22" I read mixed reviews on which one. I like what Nismo has to offer. I think it would go with the Nismo CAI I have on the truck right now. The price on it right now is high. I'm sure it is high quality stuff. I also want to get the 2 degree advance. I may get it when the first oil change is do. I have around 2500 on the Titan right now. I was told the computer is in break in mode to 5000.
Then it will give the engine all its power. I've spent $1800 on extras for the truck so maybe I just need to pay all that off and just drive it.
Yeah I got mine after having a 40 series flowcrapster lol and Oh god how I have that race truck sound. Loved it so much went to jba headers and 3" hi flow cats. Been ever so pleased when a ricer revs next to me and my turn.. "He Rolls up his window" Go with the catback and have it welded together. :cheers: :hat: :computern
straight from banks,

i think there is a higher number of banks owners because banks may have been one of the first to release a system, but i think it's because of the groupbuy back in the day (400 or 450 shipped). it was pretty easy to install myself. there's definitely more choices now and others like to design custom setups. if you are gonna get headers, cats, supercharger, etc (ie, tubing diameters), you may want to figure it all out at the same time.
So I called Banks and JBA and they both told me about there exaust. They provide good horespower and torque gains but they are both side single exit exuasts. What I want is the same gains and sounds but from a dual rear exit exaust (kinda want the mustang GT look)

I know Borla makes a system and they have a picture on borlaparts .com but It is a little pricey and I'm not so sure of the performance gains with this setup.
toomnymods will tell you that the JBA is the best and I am leaning in that direction myself now... Single side exhaust better for performance gains for the TITAN...

If you want a dual exhaust that is not too expensive and is good quality check out they make a good stainless steel dual setup.

whatever you choose is up to you and they all will be louder than stock.
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