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Banks monster exhaust on 2010

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Banks monster exhaust on 2010?

I just got my Titan in November and have slowly started to mod it. I like the banks exhaust but it's only available for years 04-09, according to banks website.
My question is will it fit on a 2010? From what I've been reading on these forums for the last few months the titans don't seem to change much over the years. Just a little improvements here and there.
So does anyone know if the banks monster exhaust will fit on a 2010 and if not a comparable exhaust that will fit?
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You will ldefinitely be okay man, i have a 2010 with Banks Monster exhaust. The only thing that worried me when i bouth it was the 2010 dosnt have a Y pipe or an X pipe, and the the Banks has a Y pipe so i didnt think it would fit, but its a huge Y pipe that comes off both Cats. I highly recommend it, I love mine. If you have the cash for it you should invest in the AFE C.A.I "cold air intake" as well.
It will fit (except perhaps the long bed trucks?), but 2010 comes with a decent exhaust (no crushed Y-pipe like the early years), so many people just swap the muffler.

OEM Exhaust diagrams:

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Ok thanks for the info. Whats a good muffler if I just want to do a swap? Something that will sound like the Banks Monster
Yes the Bank's will work for your 2010. Go for it, you won't be disappointed. You will especially enjoy the sound!
Magnaflow 18" on factory 2008+ exhaust


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I love my banks. I have it on my 09 and love it along with a nismo cold air intake it opened it up so much.
Thanks everyone. As of now I will be ordering the banks system. Just need to find a good deal
Yeah go with the Banks man, you will definitely love it!
Like blankm3690 i also have exhaust dilemmas, I have a 2010 T KC 4x4 SE...looking to upgrade the complete exhaust far, i think i am going to upgrade to DT long tube headers with the flowmaster cat back(#817485)...everything between the two I have no idea...any suggestios??? also what is the deal with uprev??? Purpose??Cost???optional??
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