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I am trying to install a new battery (a Kinetik HC2000) and unfortunately for me I found out the battery terminals are I can either cross the wires which doesnt seem like a big deal to me or have the going towards the outside of the the truck. Well I decided to cross the wires.

My question is on the negative cable there is a Battery current sensor that... "The battery current sensor detects the charging/discharging current of the battery. ECM judges the battery
condition based on this signal.
● ECM judges whether to control voltage according to the battery condition.
● ECM calculates the target power generation voltage according to the battery condition and sends the calculated
value, through CAN lines, as the power generation command value to IPDM E/R.
● IPDM E/R converts the received power generation command value into the power generation command
signal (PWM signal) and sends it to the IC regulator.
● The IC regulator performs final control over the power generation voltage.

When there is no power generation command signal, the generator performs the normal power generation
according to the characteristic of the IC regulator.
When any malfunction is detected in the power generation variable voltage control system, power generation
is performed according to the characteristic of the IC regulator in the generator.
● Battery current sensor is installed to the negative battery cable
and it detects the charging/discharging current of the battery
and sends the voltage signal to ECM according to the current

Now if I read this correctly this sensor is not needed? I have seen pictures of other setups but I dont see the sensor anywhere but those were older titans mine is an 07. I just wanted to make sure because it will make wiring up the battery a whole lot easier. Also kind of off the subject is a 260amp alt gonna kill anything? I just ordered the biggest one I could find.


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I would never eiminate any part of the OEM voltage reulating circuit. I'm not the engineer who designed the system, and shouldn't be the one to redesign the system. Hint, hint.

Having a larger Alternator should not damage anything, as its output voltage is controlled by load, which is read by the circuits you have described. It srating is simply the most it can produce, it is not an indication of what it produces at any given moment. That is a variable.

You have a large capacity battery, so should not have to worry about charging it too quickly, due to the hi output you may have with the new alternator.

Leave all circuits as designed, get new, longer battery cable made up to fit properly if you cannot get a reversed terminal battery from Kinetic.
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