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BCM Harness

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I have an 04 Titan with the tow package. I have the problem with one of my trailer signals not working and I have confirmed it is not my trailer. I have read various treads that indicate that there are separate mini fuses in the BCM harness that for left and right signals. I have been looking up under the dash near the steering column and everywhere else around that area looking for them. Does anyone have a picture or some specific directions on where exactly these fuses are? Thanks.
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there was a TSB (and i think recall actually) for the BCM. have you had your's fixed at the dealer? if you're under 60k i think it should still be covered under warranty.
I did take it in for the recall so I am assumming it was taken care of. I am over 60K so warranty is not an issue.
There is a recall on that harness just call any nissan dealer and give them you vin # the should be able to tell you if the recall has been preformed
Where do you live?
I've noticed new members not having a "Location" listed unde their avitor, is TT not posting that anymore?
AND if they are why are there some many guys who I have to ask the same question over and over again..."Where do you live"?

I believe the turn signals are controlled by the lighting module built into the turn signal switch/stalk.
I have a spare to replace yours to check it out....but wait I have no idea even what State you're in...:jester:
I am in Tulsa, OK. I updated my profile. Based on my research the trailer left, right signal/brake lights have separate fuses in the BCM harness, so don't think the sigal stalk will do me much good. Thanks for the consideration.
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