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BDGT New in bag

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So I bought this BDGT from a guy who doesn't use his Titan anymore. This is new and has never been installed. It comes with everything complete including cables, obd adpt., screen, bd sticker and book. Sorry I don't have a box. All I did was d/l the update off the internet and never installed. I don't want to go thru the hassle of running a hard line and I don't like where they mount. Anyway how about 290.00 o.b.o. I'm located in So. Cal.
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Ill take it.

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Trade you my cortex for it
if triplethreat dosent take it I will for sure.
Here is the pic. requested. Sold pending payment.

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Sold to triplethreat in 9 mins after posting...... :redblob"
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that was a AWESOME deal. Now im Pissed lol
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