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BDGT throttle sensitivity and mounting question

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Question 1: I know the BDGT allows you to increase the throttle sensitivity, but will it also let you decrease it?

*gasp!* I know, odd question. Why would I want to. I definitely am not implying that I want to lose power or performance by any means. I just don't need 75% of the truck's power in the first half-inch of accelerator pedal travel. On my daily driving, I accidentally spin the tires out a bit on a regular basis - especially if it's a bit wet or if I'm on anything less than perfect pavement.

Question 2: Does the BDGT have to be turned on all the time to have it effective? In other words, can I load up the tune, and then remove it from the truck?

Again *gasp!* why you ask? Because I don't really need the real-time display, and don't want it to be a target for theft (nor do I want to mount/dismount it all the time).
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Yes, you can decrease throttle sensitivity from stock. I think it's the economy setting.

Also, once the tune is set and loaded, the BDGT can be removed. The only reason to leave the BDGT connected is to watch real time data such as AFR and timing.
answer 1: yes, you can set it to fuel economy, and it's actually less sensitive than the stock setting.

answer 2: no, you can set your truck up how you want it, then leave it in the glove compartment.
Awesome! Thanks for the quick and helpful answers :)
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