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Question 1: I know the BDGT allows you to increase the throttle sensitivity, but will it also let you decrease it?

*gasp!* I know, odd question. Why would I want to. I definitely am not implying that I want to lose power or performance by any means. I just don't need 75% of the truck's power in the first half-inch of accelerator pedal travel. On my daily driving, I accidentally spin the tires out a bit on a regular basis - especially if it's a bit wet or if I'm on anything less than perfect pavement.

Question 2: Does the BDGT have to be turned on all the time to have it effective? In other words, can I load up the tune, and then remove it from the truck?

Again *gasp!* why you ask? Because I don't really need the real-time display, and don't want it to be a target for theft (nor do I want to mount/dismount it all the time).
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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