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Be sure to return new purchase surveys

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I just sent in the second survey that I have recieved asking about the 08 Titan we purchased a few months ago. Be honest and truthful, but if you have good things to say,,, Send them back in. This is one way the survey ratings on our trucks will improve. Almost 3500 miles and not a squeek, rattle, burp, or hiccup. Great truck, great value, and I let them know about it.
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robscar said:
The first survey was from consumers report, so you know I sent that one back. It had pages of questions concerning problems with the dealer, purchase, vehicle mechanical, vehicle elec, veh paint and body, interior, squeeks, rattles, and just about anything else you could possibly think of.
The second one was (I think) JD Powers and was much less involved.
I remember thinking when I was filling out the first one that a lot of people must really have some problems with their new vehicles and purchases. And, how lucky I was with mine.
As I said, not a peep of concern so far. Also, the wife uses it to tow her horses every weekend.
I never got one from Nissan, but did get two from JD Powers. The first one was on the truck itself if I remember right. The last one was on the Nav system. I haven had so much as a peep out of mine either. O6 with 27,000 on her.
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