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Bed Data & Measurements Request

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Hi guys.

I’ve either been a member here for a bit, just casually browsing around and posting from time to time, or just new, but now I’m working on a project and need some input.

We’re developing a new universal truck bed canopy system, to be seen in time to come, and as part of the R&D, we need some general bed measurements. I was planning to just go out and peruse dealer lots with a tape measure and notebook, but haven’t fit the exploration it in my schedule yet, so thought I’d post something where real owners could help.

The data I need is as follows:
1) Year, make & model of truck
2) Cab & bed size combination
3) Front bed top outside width
4) Rear bed top outside width
5) Top outside side length
6) Bed top side ledge width
7) Bed top side hole spacing from front, and size of the square holes
8) Bed top side hole spacing from rear, and size of the square holes
a. Also, note, if there is third middle hole or not, on each side
9) Bed inside depth, from floor to top edge
10) Front bed top edge to top of cab roof height

Specifically, as pertains to this list:

’04-current Titan

So if a few people here with the various bed sizes would be SO kind and oblige as to go out with a tape measure for 5 minutes and take some notes, that would be FANTASTIC. Still am planning to do more first handle examination of the beds, but this would be a really terrific jump start on my data collection.
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I'm not buyin' it. Anyone that interested in such developement, already knows or has access to a Titan for such measurement. Strange...especially for a 1st post.
No, honestly. We're working on a university research project and development of a new bed canopy/covering system that's universal, and I am just trying to get dimensions before actually going out to dealer lots. We actually don't have access to the trucks or beds yet, aside from just going to a dealer lot.

Actually, what's perfect, is I was able to find the Fleet/Body Upfitter guides for GM, Ford, and Dodge, which give me every single technical dimension for everything. That knocked having to do first hand analysis right off the list in seconds.

But does anyone know if Nissan might also have something like that out there, considering they aren't too big into custom fleet applications with the trucks?
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