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Bedlined Bumper & Grille....the addiction continues

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I realized the sun was actually out in Boise yesterday and the temp was abt 40 so i was like hmmm this is might be the best weather imm gonna see till march so i went ahead and bedlined my front grille and bumper. the Chrome was driving me crazy :ftard: I was a bit worried because of the temp but it turned out A-ok...went ahead and but an Aridam from an 05 Armada also as i had the bumper off anywayz.....Took all of abt 8hrs from start to Finnish including drying time and Putting the bumper back on.

Bumper off

Grille Off

Front Gone

Bumper Taped Off

Both Bumper & Grille BEdlined 3 coats each

05 Armada Airdam installed

\_\_\_FINISHED :redblob" PRODUCT_/_/_/​

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Looks great! I want to do mine but can't bring myself to do it ha

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i used 60 Grit Sand paper....get it nice and scuffed up and then clean it off with some Acetone and u shud be good to go....
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