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Bedliner in the office? Why not!?

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The KING strikes again! Today I was paid to bedline some old scratched up filing cabinets at my school, when asked what paint they should get for me to use... I couldn't resist... LMAO!!!

It was cool too because I got to use the paint booth at Embry-Riddle and have fun with bedliner and made some extra mod money on the side! :redblob"

I forgot to get a picture of them back in the office but they look great! Took about 8 cans to do both.
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I felt that the file cabinets needed the King's touch for preventive measures to theft.... Steal files from a normal file cabinet, sure! A file cabinet that's manly and bedlined? F*ck that! No one will mess with a BEDLINED cabinet! :rofl:
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