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Bedliner Repair

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I have a 2005 Titan with a factory installed spray-in bedliner.
The bed-liner is bubbling up in several places.
When this first started, it looked like it might be rust under the liner.
Just before my rust warranty expired, I took it to a dealer and we cut a small piece out to see if it was rust.
It was not rust, but the liner was actually sort of cushioned (thicker than just a paint) and had bubbled up (not separated from the bed).
It has been bubbling up for a couple of years (some as large as a silver dollar, some as long as a couple of inches) and I have decided that I want to spend the bucks to fix.
Is this a repair type fix or does the old liner have to be removed and completely redone?
Any thoughts on the best "fix"?
I'm not going to do it myself.
What would the best option be?

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Bump - Got lost on page 3.
Anyone have any experience?
Headed to a Line-X delaer in about half an hour.
They have a repair product that is guaranteed for life and is supposed to cost about the same as the cost to have your truck detailed. Line-X Renew.
Only thing I don't know about is if the existing bubbles can be removed and the product look like new.
I am not going to cheap it out, so if it looks like a repair, I'll go for new.

Update: Looks like the original install spray was uneven. The liner in the bed is soft like a cushion. Sides of the bed are hard which Line-X said the liner should be. They dug around on the existing liner and said it would be a bear to remove ($75/hour, capped at $1000). Repair is not an optioon because the liner needs to adhere to something. Would probably continue to bubble. They said they had never seen anything like mine. I'm going to visit with my dealer about the issue. I actually took the truck in just before my warranty ran out, as I was concerned about the bubbles being rust. Apparently this was a widespread issue and they should have said something about it then. I should have a little stroke with them as I am a repeat customer - bought an Armada last summer. Doing a search on this site for others with similar issues and dealer resolutions.
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